Komeediklubi (badly translated as Comet Club) is the most laughable club in Estonia. We've organized stand-up comedy shows in Tallinn & Tartu since 2010. Over the years we've brought stars such as Stephen K AmosAndrew Maxwell, Keith Farnan, Mitch Benn, Zoe Lyons, Simon Munnery, Pete Johansson, Alistair Barrie, Paul Foot, Patrick Monahan, John Gordillo, Stephen Frost's Improv AllStars, Michael Fabbri, Will Franken, Stuart Goldsmith, Holly Walsh and countless others.

Our past shows:
Apr 27th: Ben Norris, Imran Yusuf
Mar 30, 2016
Oct 14th: Pete Johansson (CA) & John Gordillo (UK)
Sep 11, 2015
Tallinn Comedy Festival 2015
May 06, 2015
Feb 18th: John Gordillo (UK) "Cheap Shots At The Defenceless"
Jan 26, 2015

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