Oct 5-7th Tallinn Comedy Festival 2016 Oct 09, 2016

Tallinn Comedy Festival brings together famous entertainers with up-and-coming acts for the third time already. During the three days from Oct 5th ot 7th you can enjoy more than 20 entertainers in six venues from Estonia and around the world. These are the three most laugher-filled days in Tallinn, maybe even in the whole of Estonia.

When working on the programme we asked ourselves: can we make each of the presidential candidates laugh? (We meant the Estonian presidential race, but the metaphor works internationally as well, even for Trump. We think.) And the answer is: yes we can. Everyone will find their joke during the festival, perhaps even several.

Headlining the festival is Stephen K Amos (UK), an international star and feelgood comedian. We’re bringing back the big festival gala where ten acts have limited time to perform their best material. You’ll also find festival specials of Komeediklubi English-language comedy night with Keith Farnan and George Egg and Fopaa! Estonian-language one, and solo shows both in English and Estonian. We'll also pilot a brand new comedy format - Lunch & Laugh. 

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